Winner: Maddie, a 9-month-old golden retriever, is being called a hero by her South Jordan family. Maddie woke up her owner from his sleep because she needed to go outside. Once her owner awoke, he observed that his wife was disoriented and lethargic so he called the fire department. As firefighters responded to the medical emergency, the husband passed out, too. Firefighters measured carbon monoxide levels in the couple's home at 500 parts per million, which was the highest their equipment could detect. Although Maddie's call of nature saved this family, their experience is instructive. All homes need carbon monoxide monitors.

Winner: A confident nation tells and displays its history, good and bad. In that spirit, we credit preservationists who recently completed the purchase of most of the land at the Topaz internment camp near Delta, where as many as 8,300 Japanese Americans were held during World War II. The Topaz Museum is now applying for designation as a privately owned National Historic Landmark and raising funds for a museum. A federal conservation bill pending in the Senate could provide additional funding for internment properties nationwide.

Loser/Winner: What was purportedly a prank — leaving threatening notes on Logan homes lit up with Christmas lights and decorations— has resulted in four people being charged with harassment. The holiday scrooges allegedly left notes on well-adorned houses that said homes with Christmas decorations displayed before Dec. 14 would be burned down. Two men and two women, each 18 years old, later surrendered to police, which was honorable. If only their consciences had stopped them from this foolishness in the first place.

Winner: Words are inadequate to express the bravery of a 9-year-old Denver boy who was shot in the back while shielding his 4-year-old brother during an attempted home invasion. No one knows why the home was targeted and the family has since moved. Police honored the boy with a trophy presentation at his school. Asked why he did it, the boy answered simply, " 'Cause he's my little brother." No further explanation needed.