John Travolta may have picked up some legal tips playing an attorney in his upcoming movie "A Civil Action."

The actor charges in a lawsuit that a venture capital company used his name without his consent in a USA Today advertisement to sell stocks.The lawsuit, filed this week in Superior Court, seeks unspecified damages and an injunction to stop Capitol Funding Group Inc. and its Silverado Films from using the ad that ran April 29.

"He doesn't know them, he hasn't met them," said Jay Lavely, Travolta's lawyer.

David Nava, chief financial officer for Capitol Funding, said the ad was aimed at raising money for a film to be made by the actor's brother-in-law, Chris Polzis, who is Kelly Preston's brother.

"I said, `Let's use John's name,' and he didn't say `Don't use his name,' " Nava said.