JAKARTA - Some 4,000 university students demonstrated peacefully outside Parliament's iron gates, demanding faster democratic change and lower food prices.


ADDIS ABABA - Ethiopian and Eritrean forces clashed along the border southwest of the Red Sea port of Assab, the government said.


PARIS - With a 10-day pilots' strike over, Air France is now trying to win back customers and erase losses run up from the pay dispute that lasted until Wednesday's opening of the World Cup.


LONDON - Sir David English, chairman and editor-in-chief of Associated Newspapers who was editor of the Daily Mail for more than 20 years, died Tuesday at age 67 after suffering a stroke.


BEIJING - Just in time for President Clinton's visit this month, the government is releasing a documentary about President Jiang Zemin's visit to the United States last fall.


JERUSALEM - Two Israeli teenage boys were killed when the roof of their high school gym collapsed during a basketball game in the southern city of Beersheba.


TOKYO - Two single-car trains collided on the southern Japanese island of Shikoku, injuring 29 people.


BUENOS AIRES - A loophole in a 1990 presidential pardon could send former junta leader Jorge Rafael Videla back to prison if convicted of abducting children during Argentina's "dirty war."


MOSCOW - Hundreds of angry miners marched through Moscow demanding prompt payment of wages stretching back half a year and the resignation of President Boris Yeltsin.


ANKARA - The government confirmed it had suspended the signing of a $145 million accord to buy Eryx missiles from Aerospatiale in a row with France over the deaths of Armenians in World War I.


CANBERRA - Prime Minister John Howard said there is only a 50-50 chance he will call an early election this year in contrast to widespread speculation he will go to the polls in the next few months.

Cayman Islands

GEORGE TOWN - The government repatriated 30 Cuban migrants who sailed to the British territory in March looking for jobs.


PUENTE GRANDE - A judge denied bail to two suspected Mexican drug lords facing a minor money laundering offense, keeping them in jail while Mexico seeks to extradite them to the United States.


LAGOS - The country's new military regime insisted that opposition leaders cancel Friday's pro-democracy protest - and hinted it would use force, if necessary, to quash the activists.


MANILA - Former dictator Ferdinand Marcos, who died in exile in Hawaii in 1989, will be buried at a Manila military cemetery next month without state honors, his widow said.


NEW DELHI - The government shrugged off Pakistan's announcement of a moratorium on nuclear tests, saying New Delhi was already observing such a moratorium.