Game 3 report card.

Shandon Anderson B -

His post-up play is one of the bright spots for the Jazz this series. So what do the Bulls go and do? They assign His Rarified Airness to mug him. Can you say "total eclipse?"

Series: B

Antoine Carr F

Forget the stinkin' title. Show us some game.

Series: F

Howard Eisley F

Should have stayed in his hotel room and watched the game with a Chicago deep dish. Game 3 production was close to nil - no points and only 2 assists.

Series: C+

Greg Foster D

No repeat of last year's incredible Game 3 Finals highlight film. Went 0-2 from the field, but did snag 4 rebounds.

Series: D+

Jeff Hornacek D -

So much for his Game 2 sighting. Another subpar shooting night on Sunday (3-8 shooting for 6 points).

Series: C

Adam Keefe C

Was Keefe-like. Twelve minutes with 4 points on 2-2 shooting and 3 rebounds in Game 3.

Series: C

Karl Malone B+

Was positively gangbusters in opening quarter, nailing his first 6 shots from the field. But he was never really heard from again after the Bulls' Dennis Rodman applied Burmuda Triangle defense early in the second quarter.

Series: C+

Chris Morris F

You knew it was bound to happen. Chris' evil twin finally escaped 24-hour lock and key and found his way to the United Center Sunday night, whereupon he threw up brick after brick (2-9 shooting, 5 points) without any evidence of remorse or conscience. Series: D+

Greg Ostertag C

Treats the ball as if it's carrying the AIDS virus. Fumbletag grabbed 9 rebounds but lost almost as many more that were within his grasp.

Series: C+

Bryon Russell D

His first real meltdown of the series. Scored only 5 points on 1-7 shooting.

Series: C+

John Stockton D

Took only four shots in 26 minutes in Game 3. Forget his 7 assists, because he also committed 5 turnovers. Needs to become more selfish offensively if Jazz are to have any prayer against Chicago.

Series: C+

Jacque Vaughn F

Helped the Jazz into the NBA record books for scoring futility by hoisting up 6 shots in seven minutes of garbage time.

Series: I