I am an avid KSL and Utah Jazz fan, but I am also 100 percent appalled at the poor taste KSL used in their Jazz promo with Big Dawg. If you haven't seen it, Big Dawg is driving along, obviously smelling a bad odor in his car. He drives by a KSL news person, who is also grossed out by the smell. Then Big Dawg stops to pick up some hitchhikers and to make room for them, starts throwing out some gym clothes, still trying to locate the source of the foul smell. Then you see a little Chihuahua in the back seat, saying, "What are you looking for, Dennis Rodman?"

I cannot believe KSL would stoop so low, and they owe Dennis an apology. If you're a Christian, and we in Utah are claiming that we are, then we need to follow a couple of basic commandments, like "Thou shalt not judge," and "Love your enemies." Surely other TV viewers saw an interview with Dennis Rodman last year in which the interviewer asked him if it bothered him that people didn't like him, or something like that. The look on Dennis's face and the tears in his eyes stayed with me for weeks; I wanted to send him a card and let him know that he does have friends in Utah.Instead of trying to further enrage Dennis about Utahns, let's start a "Welcome to Utah, Dennis Rodman" campaign. He does a lot of things that displease people, but inside I know he has a heart but has built up a strong wall because he's been hurt so many times. People don't change because they're criticized; they change because someone has helped them care. Very few people in Utah know Dennis Rodman personally, so why are we labeling him as our enemy. We say to the Jazz, "Show me the title." Well, I say, "Show Rodman a friend."

Kathy Farnes

Pleasant Grove