If you have an emergency in the city, you can breathe easy because help is just four minutes away.

The average response time for an ambulance call in Kaysville during 1997 was four minutes."We're very proud of this average response time," Larry Sanders, spokesman for the Davis County ambulance service, said.

Last year, the service responded to 528 total calls. That was down from 560 calls during 1996. Of last year's 528 calls, 340 required transportation to a hospital.

He said the current area ambulance station is located at Cherry Hill, near the Kaysville-Fruit Heights border. There are also stations located in Clearfield and West Point.

"If one ambulance is busy, another will be called," he said.

Layton has its own separate ambulance service, but Sanders said a special agreement means it also shares services with the county - and vice versa - during emergencies, if needed.

The Kaysville-Fruit Heights ambulance station is going to have to move though. Sanders said the upcoming construction of the Cherry Hill interchange at U.S. 89 means in November it will have to relocate. However, he said it will will strive to stay in the same area.

Sanders said the county ambulance service has five ambulances now and has ordered another new one. Costing $85,000, it will arrive soon. Equipping it will cost another $18,000.

The county ambulance service is not funded by residents or taxes. Sanders said it is funded by those who use it.