Serb gunners shelled villages in Kosovo with heavy artillery on Saturday and fighting flared along the province's southern border with Macedonia. Four people were killed in the clashes, ethnic Albanian and Serb sources said.

The artillery attack targeted three villages in the Decani area, 45 miles west of Pristina, said the Kosovo Information Center.Three-year-old Leutrim Aga was killed while sleeping in his bed in Gramocel, the center said. Another ethnic Albanian was found dead in nearby Babaloc.

Serb attacks also injured three people in Gramocel and three others in Prilip, the center said. None of the reports could be independently confirmed.

Serb police and army forces have recently stepped up their campaign to crush the Kosovo Liberation Army, the armed wing of the Albanian independence move-ment.

The militants have been gaining in popularity and numbers after years of heavy-handed rule by Serbian authorities in Kosovo, the secessionist southern province where ethnic Albanians represent 90 percent of the population of 2.2 million.

In fighting elsewhere, Serbian sources said two men were killed in a border clash Saturday between Serb-led Yugoslav army troops and an armed group attempting to illegally enter the province from Macedonia. They were the first reported dead along the Yugoslav-Macedonia frontier.

The Serbian Media Center in Pristina later quoted the Yugoslav army chief-of-staff as saying that routes for smuggling arms and militants into Kosovo from Albania had been severed.