The All For Love boutique has been closed for more than a week as part of an agreement to settle a feud with city officials over a public display of nude postcards.

Display windows of Brent Reid's shop are now filled with signs saying: "By Order of South Salt Lake - Closed Until June 8 - See You Then."It was in those same windows that police investigating a broken car window near the boutique spotted risque post cards in the shop window.

One depicted bare breasts.

"Two days later, they sent five cops to the store and I was arrested. I spent 10 hours in the county jail and posted $2,500 bond on a charge called `indecent public display,' " Reid said.

Reid went to 3rd Circuit Court on the class A misdemeanor and entered a plea in abeyance, if he paid court costs and completed 80 hours of community service.

But the charges prompted the city to yank his business license, which triggered a civil rights lawsuit.

"I made a stupid mistake in that I had some fairly explicit artwork cards moved mistakenly to the window," Reid said. "But there's still such a thing as a First Amendment in the United States, and I have a right to do business."

Under South Salt Lake ordinances, All For Love, which sells lingerie, bondage suits, erotic oils, videos, magazines and sex toys, is not classified as a sexually oriented business since only 15 percent of its floor space is devoted to products that are overtly sexual. Those cannot be displayed where the general public can see them.

Earlier this year, Reid agreed to a two-week license forfeiture, according to City Attorney Craig Hall. In return for the temporary suspension, Reid's attorney, Andy McCullough, agreed to drop a civil-rights lawsuit Reid filed against the city in 3rd District Court.

"Interestingly enough, we dickered about when it (the shop) will be closed," McCullough said.

City officials wanted the two-week hiatus in April, but Reid balked and settled for some time around Memorial Day, when business is usually slower.

Reid, who has been picketed by residents and City Council members, said he still thinks the punishment is too severe and he plans to make his point when he reopens June 13.

"It's party time, and we'll have many models running around in lingerie on that Saturday afternoon," he said, noting that the shop's theme is "A Boutique for Romance & More."