Tranell, 12, born July 22, 1985, is a boy with a great smile and good sense of humor. He tends to be a quiet, sensitive child, and he loves to work on the computer.

Tranell also enjoys sports. He is bright, social, sweet and has a lot of self-confidence.Tranell is a good student who is on the honor roll and is a class officer. He is well-liked at school and gets along well with his peers and adults.

Tranell is compliant most of the time. He tends to become angry quickly and can be argumentative. He has been in foster care since 1992. He may need counseling in the future to deal with past issues of abuse.

Travis, 15, born Nov. 18, 1983, is sociable and friendly. Travis is an athletic young man who especially likes basketball and soccer. Travis is respectful, polite and is popular with girls.

Travis is in the eighth grade. He has struggled with school, academically and behaviorally, but is making progress. He is popular and gets along well with his teachers most of the time. Encouragement helps him to know his abilities.

Travis like one-on-one attention. He has suffered abuse in the past and may need future therapy.

Although the brothers have experienced disruptions and disappointments, they remain well mannered, articulate and polite. All families will be considered.

Financial assistance is available.