Game 2 report card and tonight's prospectus.

Randy Brown I

DNP in Game 2. Don't expect that to change much.

Series: I

Jud Buechler F

Once again, made feeble attempt to guard Shandon Anderson and got toasted. Two Anderson buckets in two minutes and Buechler was gone. Probably gone for the duration.

Series: D

Scott Burrell C+

Did better job than Buechler on Anderson and managed to score five points, too.

Series: C

Ron Harper C

Last year's defensive specialist isn't specializing in much of anything this time around. Biggest contribution was getting away with obvious foul on inbounds play to John Stockton in closing minutes - and that was big.

Series: C

Michael Jordan A -

Shot just 42 percent from the field, but hey, the man scored 37 points and wasn't afraid to take over when things got sluggish. Infectiously confident attitude may have been single biggest factor in game.

Series: A

Steve Kerr C

Until he grabbed a loose-ball rebound of his own brick and fed it to Jordan for a three-point play in final minute, he'd been a non-factor again. But that play was huge.

Series: D

Toni Kukoc B

Helped get Bulls going offensively early. Stumbled to 6-of-16 shooting effort but had nine rebounds, including a big tip-out down the stretch.

Series: C+

Luc Longley D

Foul trouble limited him to 17 largely ineffective minutes.

Series: C

Scottie Pippen A -

Strong all-around game: 21 points (7 of 13 shots), six rebounds, four assists.

Series: A

Dennis Rodman B+

Referees let him play - and hold and shove and grapple. He grabbed nine rebounds, including five offensive, and helped keep Karl Malone from getting into any kind of flow.

Series: B+

Dickey Simpkins I


Series: I

Bill Wennington D

With big guys in foul trouble, made four-minute token appearance, bricked one shot, then resumed waving a towel.

Series: D