My husband and I feel that it is time to change our state flower from the sego lily to white top weed.

Driving around out state, no matter which direction, we see it in fields, on ditch banks, on the side of both county and state roads, even in people's yards.How grateful I am that the sego lily was in this valley when my great-grandparents came in 1848, as the roots they were able to dig kept them from starving.

I'm not sure when I last saw a sego lily. White top is pushing to take its place. Even animals will not eat it. Instead of "blossoming like a rose," our valley now blossoms with white top.

I grew up in Idaho, and I remember the county spraying obnoxious weeds to prevent their spread. We see nothing being done to stop its spreading here.

Fortunately, the Olympics are held in the winter, or what a sight our visitors would see in 2002 if nothing has been done.

It's our hope that the necessary action will be done soon to stop its growth so that Utah can remain the beautiful state it is, and we can be proud of our surroundings. Showing our gratitude to those whose sacrificed should not be in vain.

Hilda and Harold Thomas