Two Ethiopian military aircraft bombed an Eritrean air force base in the capital Friday, a day after Ethiopia's premier agreed to a peace proposal for their disputed border.

No injuries were reported in the bombings, which hit two hangars, the tarmac and a nearby junkyard. The air base adjoins Asmara's international airport, though it apparently was not hit.Firing Soviet-era Katyusha rockets and mortar rounds, Eritrean troops have pushed Ethiopian forces back along the disputed border area, which Ethiopia attacked this week.

As the fighting increased, the U.S. State Department today ordered all government dependents and nonessential staff to leave Eritrea. It also "strongly advised" Americans to either leave or delay travel plans to the Horn of Africa nation.

On Thursday, Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi agreed to a four-point proposal put forth by the United States and Rwanda to end the conflict. One point recommends that Eritrea move back to positions held before May 6, when the latest round of skirmishes began.

Zenawi also warned, however, that his country's patience with Eritrea was wearing thin.