Boeing's Commercial Airplane Group's decision announced this week to phase out the MD-11 jet-liner it inherited when it acquired McDonnel-Douglas affects some 75 employees at Boeing's Salt Lake plant who build bulkheads for the three-engine aircraft, but no workers are expected to lose their jobs.

Boeing spokeswoman Cheryl C. Smith said the work already scheduled for completion on the last 22 MD-11s on order will carry the current work force through mid-1999 and after that they will likely be given new assignments."We are waiting for our new work package from Boeing," Smith said. "They had intended to place additional work here, and we're now waiting to see what it will be."

The Salt Lake Boeing plant currently has 575 employees, most of whom work on structures for the MD-80 and MD-90 twin-jet planes that are then assembled in Long Beach, Calif., along with the MD-11.

Boeing announced last November that it will end production on those two planes once the current orders are filled by late summer of next near.

Meanwhile, the decision to drop the MD-11 will mean layoffs at the Long Beach facililty, where some 3,000 people work on the MD-11 program. Boeing said it will use the next 18 months to explore other opportunities for those workers. "But, ultimately, we will have to lay off employees for whom we do not have work," the company said.