Despite the fact that it looks and sounds an awful lot like a feature-length episode of TV's "Friends," the sex comedy "I Think I Do" definitely isn't.

For one thing, the television series would never have its two male leads decide they're attracted to each other like this movie does. And for another thing, though "Friends" has had its share of bad episodes, there's never been one this long and unfunny.Writer/director Brian Sloan (who helped compile the gay-themed "Boys Life" film anthologies) makes the mistake of thinking the characters he's created are more interesting than they really are. Instead, they are self-absorbed and whiny - or to put it more bluntly, unlikable.

Whiniest of the bunch is Bob (Alexis Arquette), a soap opera writer who's still carrying a torch for his former college roommate, Brendan (Christian Maelen). The trouble was that Brendan wasn't gay - or at least he hadn't decided on his sexual preference at the time.

The two are reunited five years later during the wedding of their other former roommate, Carol (Lauren Velez). And though Bren-dan has finally decided he's attracted to Bob as well, Bob's now in a committed relationship with hunky soap star Sterling Scott (Tuc Watkins).

There are subplots involving their other college chums: Sarah (Marianne Hagan), who is also obsessed with Brendan, and the long-running, love-hate relationship between Beth (Maddie Corman) and Eric (Guillermo Diaz). But they're as underdeveloped as the main plot thread.

Also, the series of "misconceptions" that ensue are entirely predictable and extremely unconvincing. And frankly, most of the performances are so amateurish they're embarrassing - the exceptions being Hagan and Watkins, who deserve to be in another, better movie.

"I Think I Do" is rated R for profanity, simulated sex, vulgar jokes and sexual references, drug use, violent fist fighting and horseplay and partial male nudity.