Game 1 report card and tonight's prospectus.

Randy Brown I

Just 2 minutes of action in Game 1. Where's the trust, man?

Series: I

Jud Buechler D

Vanished off the radar screen in opener after picking up two quick fouls trying to guard Shandon Anderson. Can't afford another disappearing act tonight.

Series: C

Scott Burrell D

Gunner-rama. Five shots in six minutes in Game 1. Lucky for him he made two. He won't be shy about putting it up again tonight.

Series: D

Ron Harper C

Mysteriously sat on bench throughout fourth quarter and OT. Expect more PT in Game 2.

Series: C

Michael Jordan A -

Looked fatigued in the second half and made a costly mental mistake on 24-second violation. Look for even more intensity tonight.

Series: A

Steve Kerr F

Bulls desperately need his offense. Scored only 4 points in 27 minutes of play in Game 1. He let Stockton slip away for back-breaking bucket.

Series: F

Toni Kukoc D

Managed only 9 points on 4-12 shooting. Bulls need more in Game 2 or they're in trouble.

Series: D

Luc Longley B+

The force was with him when he took Jordan feed and hit key bucket to send game into OT, only to misplace it when he committed key turnover in OT. What you're seeing is what you get with the big Aussie.

Series: B+

Scottie Pippen A -

Scored 21 points on 7-19 shooting and eight rebounds. Hit clutch 3-pointer to tie game in late stages of regulation. Bulls need repeat performance tonight.

Series: A

Dennis Rodman B

Rebounded and defended well in opener, which is his game. Will he blame his damaged thumb or his leaving Las Vegas in the wee hours Thursday morning for a sub-par performance in Game 2?

Series: B

Dickey Simpkins I

Not likely to be factor tonight. Only seven minutes of play on Wednesday.

Series: I

Bill Wennington I

Wednesday line: DNP, Coaches' decision. Smart move, Phil.

Series: I