Recently paroled after eight years in prison for his role in one of New York City's most notorious racial killings, Keith Mondello says he just wants to be left alone.

Moses Stewart, the father of victim Yusuf Hawkins, and the Rev. Al Sharpton plan a protest march Saturday through Bensonhurst, the predominantly white neighborhood in Brooklyn where Hawkins was slain in 1989."I did my time," Mondello said in an interview in Thursday's New York Post. "I did eight years, and now this is being brought up."

Sharpton was stabbed when he led a march through Bensonhurst shortly after Hawkins was killed. Residents threw watermelons at the protesters and both sides exchanged racial epithets.

"We want Mr. Mondello and others to know that despite the passage of years, we still have a sense of outrage and we still see that this racial crime has scarred the city and scarred the lives of this family," Sharpton said.

Mondello, 27, was accused of leading a group of whites who shot the 16-year-old Hawkins in a scuffle after he and three friends went to Bensonhurst to look at a used car.