Monica Lewinsky dumped her lawyer, William Ginsburg, replacing him with a hotshot Washington insider. Ginsburg says he is still available to the media, and I hear he just had a nibble from "Good Morning, Sioux Falls."

- The new lawyer, Plato Cacheris, has represented many ghosts of scandals past, including Fawn Hall and convicted Watergate figure John Mitchell. This awesome link to history and tradition gives people in Washington goosebumps.- Elite Washington lawyers are a snotty bunch, and they treated the outsider Ginsburg like a first-year law student - even though he handled Lewinsky's case like a second-year law student.

- Ginsburg will return to California and resume being a medical malpractice lawyer. But he will always remember his time in Washington where he went from being an ambulance-chaser to having a siren for a client.

Los Angeles Times Syndicate