The current question of Democrat and Republican registration in Utah has prompted me to ask myself why I am not a Democrat. Aside from the crybaby whimpers of the Democrats that they're not being treated fairly, there are major differences between the two parties.

Issues that form a few of my reasons for not being a Democrat are as follows:Democrats defend illegal acts by an immoral president and first lady. they destroy America's rule of law.

Democrats obstruct justice with their fight against finding the truth in Congress. Democrats put party above country.

Democrats support abortion. I don't.

Democrats favor late-term abortion. I don't.

Democrats believe welfare solves poverty. I don't.

Democrats have spent trillions on welfare to end poverty. It hasn't.

Democrats believe militant environmentalism will solve environmental problems. It won't.

Massive IRS excesses are the result of 17 years of Democratic abdication of oversight responsibilities. They are responsible for IRS excesses.

Voters work for five months a year to pay of 50 years of Democratic spending. Democrats want even more of our money.

Social Security was and is a Ponzi scheme created by Democrats. The Baby Boomers and Gen-X'ers will get less "Social Security," get it much later in their lives and pay more for what they do get.

Democrats believe "big federal government" programs answer all. They don't.

Hillary Clinton's "health care" would have bankrupted America. It would have also destroyed the best medical system in the world. Democrats want to pass on a $17 trillion debt to our children. It will destroy their financial future.

Democrats have spent 50 years and nearly every government program to subjugate the individual to the collective. Individualism is a threat to Democrat policies.

Hillary Democrats are socialists. Hillary is a capitalist only when it comes to her own money.

Democrats think their position is always morally superior but don't hold themselves to any moral standard.

These are a few of the reasons why I am not a Democrat.

Rand E. Oretle