Taxes and fees have always had an inverse - if not perverse - relationship to Isaac Newton's most famous law: They always go up, and they almost never come down.

But the Murray City Council proved there's an exception to everything Tuesday night as they whacked a buck off of the city's garbage can rental fee.And Councilman John Rush had the same grin Sir Isaac must have had when he got bonked on the head with that apple.

"It's the right thing to do," Rush said as the council endorsed an amendment to the city's waste disposal ordinance that reduced the rental on every resident's first garbage can from $1.50 a month to a mere 50 cents.

Now one dollar may not seem like much, but the councilman said it will quickly add up to nearly $100,000 a year citywide.

Murray residents will get their one-buck-a-month break July 1, which is when the council will have paid off the bill it incurred when the city went to its automated garbage pickup system.

The city will continue to collect the remaining 50 cents per household for maintenance, repairs and replacement of the huge cans.

However, the $1 reduction only applies to the first garbage can in every household. Since the second container is voluntary, the city will still collect $1.50 for it.

And all Murray residents will continue to pay the $2 per month landfill closure fee assessed by federal mandate against the day when the TransJordan Landfill finally is exhausted.

The amendment passed quietly with almost no discussion.

"It's nice to have an opportunity to give our taxpayers something back," said Rush. "It's a gesture of good faith."