As the Southern Baptist Convention in Salt Lake City nears, I notice many of us speak of being "ready." While I agree that we must be ready to support our beliefs, I hope that we are also ready with a smile and a warm handshake. I hope that we will be especially ready with a compliment for their dedication to their faith and the sacrifice they are making to share the Bible.

In short, I hope we will encourage these Baptist friends as we would hope that others would encourage LDS missionaries. There can never be too many people teaching about the love of our Father in Heaven and the atonement of our Savior, Jesus Christ.As an LDS member who lived in the heart of the Southern Bible belt for nearly 17 years, my experience has been that the world is full of striving, dedicated people of all faiths, who love God and want to serve him. The many Baptists that I knew were invariably compassionate and sincerely unselfish. They were happy, optimistic and enthusiastic in seeking to do good. We have so much in common. I hope that as we greet them, we will focus on our common goals rather than on our differences in doctrine.

Marilyn Dickson

Salt Lake City