A pair of Layton police officers investigating a complaint about strange smells in an apartment complex stumbled onto a working methamphetamine lab Tuesday afternoon, resulting in the arrest of four people.

The investigation also turned up a live bomb made of dynamite, Metro Narcotics Task Force supervisor Brent Ward said.A resident flagged down the Layton Police officer about 2 p.m. Tuesday, saying he thought the residents at 105 S. Fairfield Rd. might be dealing drugs.

The officer, who has a background in narcotics investigations, went to investigate and received permission to search the apartment, Layton police Sgt. Steve Brown said.

The meth lab was sitting in full view in the kitchen, Ward said.

Drug Enforcement Agents dismantled the lab. A search of the apartment also turned up a duffel bag that contained meth supplies and the bomb, Ward said.

The bomb was constructed from two sticks of dynamite wrapped with tape and wired to blasting caps.

"It was fully operational," Ward said.

Davis County Sheriff's Office bomb expert Bob Hunt successfully disarmed the bomb without incident and no one was injured, Ward said.

Deputies from the metro narcotics squad have made several previous attempts to investigate similar complaints at this apartment but have been unsuccessful, Ward said.

This time, the apartment resident was taking a shower when police knocked on the door and it was a friend who allowed police to enter, he said.