Columbia St. Mark's Hospital-

ADAMS, Candice and Wallace, Salt Lake City, boy, June 1.

BIRD, Heidi, and HERERRA, Guillermo, Salt Lake City, girl, June 2.

CHARLES, LuAnn and Douglas, Murray, boy, June 1.

CURTIS, Tennille, and THORNE, Charles, Murray, boy, June 1.

GALLEGOS, Teresa and Elesio, Salt Lake City, girl, June 1.

GORIS, Katherine and George, Midvale, boy, June 1.

HANSEN, Constance and Michael, Sheridan, Wyo., boy, June 1.

HARWOOD, Jeanna and Joshua, West Jordan, boy, June 1.

JARAMILLO, Chariti, and LaROSE, Dustin, Salt Lake City, June 1.

MADSEN, Tina and Andrew, Draper, girl, June 2.

NOSKER, Laura and Patrick, Taylorsville, boy, June 1.

PERKINS, Christine, and EASON, Dayne, Kearns, boy, June 1.

PYPER, Donna and Ben, Salt Lake City, boy, June 1.

ROWLAND, Julie and Jonathan, West Jordan, girl, June 2.

WELLS, Jennifer and Von, Murray, girl, June 1.

WILLIAMS, Donna and Lee, West Valley City, girl, June 1.

Davis Hospital and Medical Center-

BARBER, Michelle, and RUPE, Quinn, Roy, girl, May 23.

BODILY, Candice and Dustin, Layton, boy, May 21.

BRINKERHOFF, Kristin and Loren, Clearfield, girl, May 26.

COOPER, Kim, and SHADE, Jameson, Layton, boy, May 24.

GILHART, Rose and Eric, Layton, girl, May 23.

GREEN, Brandi and Burke, Layton, girl, May 27.

HOOPES, Teresa and Jerry, Hill AFB, boy, May 22.

MAXEY, Cindy and Stephen, Hill AFB, girl, May 26.

MAY, Jalayna and William, Lexington, KY., girl, May 24.

PEDERSEN, Kellie and Mark, Kaysville, boy, May 28.

POULSEN, Lauri and Michael, Centerville, girl, May 25.

RENDON, Melissa and Alphonso, Layton, girl, May 21.

RICHINS, Liesl and Corey, Roy, boy, May 26.

ROBERTSON, Denise and William, Layton, girl, May 23.

SHIELDS, Dee-Anna, and LYONS, Ron, Farmington, girl, May 26.

THUESON, Tammy and Brandon, Clearfield, boy, May 21.

TIPPETTS, Nicole and Zachary, Clearfield, girl, May 24.

VANDERPLAS, Janalee and Larry, South Ogden, girl, May 24.

WHITAKER, Emily and Shane, Layton, girl, May 27.

Jordan Valley Hospital-

ETHRIDGE, Jennifer and Brent, West Jordan, boy, May 31.

FORMAN, Amy and Michael, West Jordan, boy, May 31.

GREGERSEN, Lavene, and JENSEN, Dirk, West Jordan, girl, May 29.

GROSKRENTZ, Laura and Todd, Draper, boy, May 29.

JOHNSON, Lori and Kelly, West Jordan, girl, May 30.

LIND, Mindy and Terrance, Sandy, girl, May 29.

OAKESON, Carolyn and Chad, West Jordan, boy, May 31.

OROZCO, Casey, and GREEN, Demetrius, West Jordan, girl, May 29.

PIDCOCK, Becky and Michael, Riverton, boy, May 28.

RASMUSSEN, Laurie and Dion, Draper, girl, May 29.

SAEZ, Melissa and Robert, Kearns, boy, May 29.

TAYLOR, Stephanie and Greg, West Jordan, boy, May 29.

LDS Hospital-

ADAMS, Susan and Matthew, Bountiful, girl, June 1.

CHACON, Irma, Salt Lake City, girl, June 1.

COLE, Ercilia and Robert, Salt Lake City, boy, June 1.

CROFT, Edie and Clinton, Kearns, girl, June 1.

DAVIS, Katherine and Richard, Murray, girl, June 1.

FIRMAGE, Carrol and Edwin, Salt Lake City, girl, June 1.

HAACKLE, Tammy and Jay, Centerville, girl, June 1.

HALL, Brittney and Jarrod, North Salt Lake, boy, June 1.

MARX, Tammy and Ryan, Salt Lake City, girl, June 1.

MONTOYA, Ruth and Ronnie, West Valley City, boy, June 1.

SVRCEK, Trudy and Mark, Sandy, girl, June 1.

TEERLINK, Laura, and FISHER, Craig, Salt Lake City, boy, June 1.

THOMPSON, Lisa and Ralph, North Salt Lake, boy, June 1.

TUTTLE, Elizabeth and Kelly, Bountiful, boy, June 1.

McKay-Dee Hospital-

BELL, Diane and Jeffrey, Ogden, boy, May 27.

BRIMHALL, Wendy and Robert, Bountiful, boy, June 1.

JOHNSON, Audrey and Rocky, Clearfield, boy, June 1.

KEARL, Camille and Lorne, Ogden, boy, June 1.

LYONS, Elizabeth and Clifford, Ogden, boy, June 1.

MARTIN, Cari and Shawn, Evanston, Wyo., boy, June 1.

PASSEY, Analia and Ryan, Ogden, girl, June 1.

QUINN, Mindi and Casey, Eden, Weber County, girl, June 1.

RHEAD, Tiffany and Curt, Clearfield, girl, May 31.

STANGER, Michelle and Gary, Bountiful, girl, May 28.

Pioneer Valley Hospital-

ARMIJO, Arline, and LUNA, Noe, Salt Lake City, boy, May 31.

AVALOS, Alma, and RODRIGUEZ, Marcelo, West Valley City, girl, May 31.

HAMPTON, Debra, West Valley City, girl, May 29.

MORRILL, Iesha, and ROMERO, Joe, Bennion/Taylorsville, boy, June 1.

NGUYEN, Tawny, and VU, Alex, West Valley City, boy, May 31.