"The NBA Finals, as well as the prospect of a championship, increase worldwide attention for Salt Lake City and get people excited about sporting events in this city." - Dave Johnson, vice president, Salt Lake Organizing Committee.

"Winning the NBA playoffs will give the w hole state a glow and exhilaration that will last the whole summer. It will tell the world the same thing landing the Winter Games said three years ago: `We've arrived. We're a force to be taken seriously.'" - Rep. Merrill Cook, R-Utah.

"It's the same kind of (economic) benefit you get from the Olympics. It's not going to be the basis on which a deal is made, but may be the means by which you get through the door." - Gov. Mike Leavitt.

"I think it would be huge. It would be one more positive statement about our part of the world." - Chris Hill, University of Utah athletic director.

" The Jazz winning an NBA title would reinforce that we are a sports capital, and that's a great image to have." - Salt Lake Mayor Deedee Corradini.