A variety of projects related to the Great Western Trail are being considered by personnel in the Richfield District of the Fishlake National Forest. The trail extends from Canada to Mexico, traversing several western states, and the popular Paiute ATV Trail in south-central Utah joins it in some areas.

District Ranger Ted Fitzgerald said the proposals are detailed and, therefore, an information package is available upon request by calling (435) 896-9233 or in the office at 115 E. 900 North in Richfield.Most of the trails projects are associated with the Great Western Trail, he said. Public comment has been encouraged.

The five projects are in the upper Gooseberry-Niotch Creek area, the ranger said. He presented a brief outline as follows:

- Relocation of the Great Western Trail away from the Gooseberry Road.

- Construction of a new trail that connects the Gates Lake-Farnsworth Trail with the Great Western Trail.

- Construction of several new trail heads to facilitate use of the Great Western Trail and other trails in the area.

- Construction of a hiking trail between the Gooseberry Campground and Abe's Reservoir.

- Closure of two short segments of road to full-sized vehicles, one in Antone Hollow and the other in upper Niotch Creek.

Fitzgerald said vehicles are causing severe erosion in some areas, particularly in Antone Hollow and the Niotch Creek drainage, and the trails are in extreme need of rehabilitation.