The city batted .500 this spring.

After looking to establish six new special improvement districts for curb, gutter and sidewalk installation, half of them ended up receiving a majority vote from residents to gain approval.The three districts that passed are along 1800 North. The improvements will especially help children walking to either Clinton or West Clinton elementary schools.

The areas are located in pockets between 2000 West and 2800 West.

City manager Dennis Cluff said he's hoping the improvements can be installed this summer. That's because the Utah Department of Transportation will be doing some repaving along 1800 North then and will spread asphalt out to the curb - if there is one installed.

"It'll be much safer for the kids," Cluff said of the new sidewalks planned. They should be ready for use by the next school year.

Residents will pay most of the improvement costs.

Some of the districts that failed to pass included large fields.