The 4,000th high-speed anti-radar missile (ARM) has been delivered to the U.S. military, Morton Thiokol officials have announced.

Jim White, vice president and general manager of Morton Thiokol's Utah Tactical Division, praised engineers and technicians who manufacture and assemble the missile."We are proud of our people at Tactical, whose craftsmanship and concern for quality have made the HARM program very successful," White said.

The HARM is an air-to-surface missile that locks in and follows a radar beam to its source. Utah Tactical developed a reduced smoke propellant for HARM that allows the missile to reach its target without being detected by personnel at enemy radar installations.

Texas Instruments Inc., Lewisville, Texas, is prime contractor for the HARM system and manufactures the electronics and seeker head for the missile. Morton Thiokol produces the solid rocket motor and warhead for the HARM and assembles other components of the missile for final delivery.