So much for why character counts. Bill Clinton sold out America to win an election and has now made payoffs to the Chinese with missile guidance technology. We should have seen this coming. He wasn't faithful to his wedding vows, the most sacred vows a person takes, so why are we surprised when he hasn't kept his oath to America.

Clinton is from the now generation, as in "I need the money now for the election, I'll pay you later." It is ironic that a left-wing Democrat peacenik who dodged the draft, with his decision to give China restricted technology and the predictable response by India, is responsible for the proliferation of nuclear bombs and has increased the chance of nuclear war.Congressional Democrats have used the word "treason" in their discussion of Clinton's demand that restricted technology go to the Chinese over the objection of the Pentagon and Justice Department. Guess which American company benefited most from Clinton's decision to overrule the Pentagon: only the single biggest contributor to the Clinton re-election committee and the Democratic Party. Clinton sold out America, and if the Democrats want to raise the word treason to describe what he did, I won't object. I might even agree with them.

Rand E. Oertle