Two residents in Salt Lake's West Central City neighborhood were awakened by bullets fired into their homes Monday morning, according to reports from the Salt Lake Police Department.

Sam Maestas was asleep at his house, 267 N. 800 West, when he heard a shot and breaking glass about 2 a.m. He rolled out of bed and onto the floor."Then I jumped up and looked out the window, but I didn't see anybody," Maestas said. "My neighbor heard the shot, too, but he didn't see anything, either."

The bullet passed through a window, a wall and a kitchen cupboard door, he said.

"I found it just lying there in my cupboard," Maestas said.

About five minutes later, a home at 785 W. Paxton Ave. (1180 South) had a bullet fired through the storm-door glass and the metal front door before lodging in an interior wall, a police report states.

Arturo Carrillo told police he saw a small white car driving east, away from his home.

Maestas and Carrillo don't know each other, Maestas said, although only two blocks separate their homes.

Police believe the incidents are gang-related.