Apparently, you can fight City Hall if you're in the fifth grade and just want the name of a street changed.

The students from Northridge Elementary School have successfully petitioned Orem officials to change the name of 50 East to 50 East Night Hawk Drive.In addition, every other elementary school in the area is pre-authorized to change the names of streets near their schools, if they wish. In all, the city may spend up to $3,630 remaking signs before it's finished.

Streets in the city have already been changed to reflect the nearest high school or junior high school's mascot.

All of the streets retain the numerical name as well in order to avoid confusion for drivers, said City Manager Jim Reams.

Students from Mr. Welch's fifth-grade class at Northridge presented the City Council with 32 letters on May 12 requesting the change. Berlin Nielsen proposed the change.

Robin Russon suggested the street sign reflect both the new name and the old address. In a follow-up appearance, Chantelle Goodman told the council it was scary to come to a grownups meeting but that the kids wanted to show the world they felt it was important.

Mayor Joe Nelson said tax money would pay for the sign and thanked the group for getting involved in government. All council members and the mayor voted to approve the children's request.