Two men walked into a Rose Park home and demanded drugs from an 85-year-old man Monday.

The men, light-skinned males wearing white bandanas and speaking Spanish, entered the home, near 700 North and 1000 West, through an unlocked back door about 2:30 p.m.The 85-year-old owner of the home was in the living room. One man held a gun to the victim's side while the other ransacked the house. According to Salt Lake City Police, the men said, "Where are the drugs? Give us the drugs."

The man told the men he didn't have any drugs and offered them money, police reports state. But the men refused the money, continuing to ask for drugs. One man fired a shot into the floor near the man, the report states.

The men then tied up the victim with cords from a lamp and a stereo and fled. The man's grandson found him when he returned home about 20 minutes later.

There is no indication the men found any drugs, said Salt Lake Police Sgt. Kyle Jones. The assailants, who have not been apprehended, may have simply gone to the wrong address.

"I can think of several cases where the bad guys have gone to the wrong house," Jones said.

A neighbor who was watching television in her kitchen saw the assailants jump the fence. She said she yelled at them and they "ran like crazy."

The woman, 77, has lived in the neighborhood since 1948. She said it's usually a peaceful place.

"This makes me a little nervous," she said. "I haven't been scared. This has been such a nice neighborhood."