The lengthy Boyz II Men concert wasn't necessarily the Boyz' fault. It was the fact the show began a half-hour late and second act K-Ci & Jojo played too long.

Boyz II Men - bass vocalist Mike McCary, tenor Shawn Stockman, and the unrelated Morris' (baritone Nathan and tenor Wanya, pronounced Wan Yay) - lit up the night with such shakers as "C'mon Baby" from the album "Evolution" and romantic cuddlers like the No. 1 hits, "On Bended Knee" and "I'll Make Love To You" from the album "II."There were lots of eye-pleasing pyrotechnics, too. Especially the falling sparks that resembled rain during the tear-jerking ballad "Water Runs Dry."

There was the soft jazz piano set played by J.D. Hawkins. During that segment the Boyz sang a couple of tunes that have never been played live. Among those was "Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday" and "Can You Stand the Rain."

There were bits of "Uhh Ahh"; a reworking of the Mariah Carey hit, "One Sweet Day," which the Boyz wrote and the crooning heart-breaker "End of the Road." Another new song was the "Ev-o-lu-tion" single "A Song for Mama."

The concert and the vocal harmonies were nearly as exciting as the last time the group came to town - 1995. However, the Men appeared to be going through the motions at times, losing a bit of the soul.

Still, for Wanya Morris, the concert was a success - he was recently forced off the road with a bout of laryngitis. McCary was the current casualty. He sat most of the time with a sore back, but couldn't help but swivel a bit during the funkier tunes.

This show was rescheduled because of the NBA showdown between the Utah Jazz and the Chicago Bulls. All three acts didn't let the Delta Center audience forget it (like they would have).

"Bring on the champs!" shouted K-Ci during his and his brother's set.

"Champions, come out and play," screamed Next, imitating a gang's sinister call to another gang in the movie "Warriors."

"Sounds like there's an NBA finals in the works, here," quipped Wanya Morris during the Boyz II Men set.

With each of those references, the audience screamed in approval and waited excitedly for the next songs.