The author of an article in The New Yorker that revealed Linda Tripp's arrest in 1969 says the source was not a White House official but the former wife of Tripp's father.

Jane Mayer writes in the magazine's edition on newsstands Monday Tripp's former stepmother, J. Lowe Davis, volunteered to come forward as the source because stories blaming the White House for the leak are "wrong and unfair."Tripp is the Pentagon employee who went to Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr with tapes she had made of former White House intern Monica Lewinsky discussing an alleged sexual relationship with President Clinton.

Mayer wrote in The New Yorker's March 23 edition that Tripp was arrested in 1969, at age 19, on a charge of grand larceny and that she later guilty to loitering.

The article said Tripp, who claimed to be an innocent victim of a prank played on her by friends who carried out the theft, failed to state on a Pentagon security clearance form that she had an arrest record.