Despite a slowdown in the growth of sales-tax revenue, a number of street projects are proposed in North Salt Lake during the new fiscal year that starts July 1.

"There are quite a few local streets we pretty much have to do," said Brian Passey, North Salt Lake's finance director.Much of the money for the street projects would come from federal and state grants, according to the proposed fiscal year 1998-99 budget.

Most notably, work would be done on U.S. 89, and various pedestrian safety projects, including sidewalk construction, would be undertaken. Primarily, though, the funds would provide for repair work on a number of residential streets, Passey said.

The city has also received another federal grant that would most likely fund the hiring of a new police officer for the city, Passey said.

The budget may also get a boost from proposed impact and connection-fee increases, Passey said. Primarily, this would affect newcomers to the city, because the fees would only be charged to new housing developments, Passey said.

The fees, however, could as much as double, depending on the final decision of the City Council. The money would help cover the costs of installing waterlines and the building of neighborhood parks.

The sales tax slowdown came after previous growth of more than 10 percent during the past few years. This year, it grew only 5 percent, and Passey expects the same amount of growth next year.

"Part of it we blame on a slowing economy," Passey said, "but part of it we just can't explain."

Passey said he expects, however, that the lull won't last long. "We see it as just a temporary low," he said.

If it doesn't pick up yet again, the city may not be able to undertake future capital projects like it has this year. Those projects have been funded by the intergovernmental grants, which have increased 57.3 percent since last year.

"As you grow, your needs grow," Passey said. "You need the taxes."

A public hearing regarding the budget is scheduled for 8 p.m. June 2. A copy of the tentative budget is available for review at North Salt Lake city offices, 20 S. U.S. 89.


Additional Information

Budget - North Salt Lake

General fund: $3,804,275


General fund $3,299,481


Where it comes from:

Property tax: $1,010,375

Last year: $ 942,113

Sales tax: $1,200,000

Last year: $1,133,036

Franchise tax: $ 14,100

Last year: $ 12,175

Intergovern. grants: $ 444,500

Last year: $ 189,862

Other revenues: $1,135,300

Last year: $1,022,295

Where it goes:

Public safety: $1,304,798

Last year: $1,041,024

Parks & Rec. $ 139,800

Last year: $ 211,059

Streets: $1,029,985

Last year: $ 600,316

Community devel.: $ 151,975

Last year: $ 54,519

Tax/fee increases

Possible increases in connection and impact fees of up to 100%