LUSAKA - Former President Kenneth Kaunda was freed after serving five months under house arrest for allegedly knowing about a military coup.


PODGORICA - Jubilant gunfire echoed in the capital of Montenegro as revelers celebrated the parliamentary election victory of the biggest challenger to Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic.


MEXICO CITY - The government took over operations of Mexico's largest airline after 1,033 unionized flight attendants walked off the job.


QUITO - The Harvard-trained mayor of Quito and Ecuador's wealthiest man will square off in a runoff to determine the new president of this small Andean nation, which is racked by instability.


BOGOTA - A protege of President Ernesto Samper narrowly won the first round in Colombian's presidential race, but his ties to the scandal-plagued leader could lead to defeat in the runoff.


BEIRUT, Lebanon - Jordan's representative at a meeting of Arab foreign ministers said on Monday it did not object to an Arab summit but wanted "positive steps" to revive Middle East peace talks.


HARARE - Hundreds of Zimbabwean students returned to the streets of the capital Harare on Monday to resume an anti-corruption protest against President Robert Mugabe's 18-year-old government, witnesses said.


NICOSIA, Cyprus - Royal Dutch Shell Group has reactivated talks with the National Iranian Oil Company to develop Iran's North Pars offshore gas field, the Middle East Economic Survey reported on Monday.

South Africa

GEORGE - Former South African President P.W. Botha arrived in court on Monday for the resumption of his trial for refusing to testify at the truth commission about any role he had in apartheid abuses.


QUITO - Jamil Mahuad, shown by exit polls to have won the first round of Ecuador's presidential election Sunday, says governing Quito has taught him what Ecuadoreans really want.


SINGAPORE - The Singapore edition of Britain's prominent lifestyle magazine has appealed to President Ong Teng Cheong against a government ban imposed on it last week, publisher Agatha Koh said on Monday.


BEIJING - China, seeking to calm jittery Beijing residents after three small earthquakes, said on Monday there were no signs a large tremor would strike the Chinese capital any time soon.


PARIS - Thousands of frustrated passengers were strand-ed at airports across the country after Air France pilots began a strike that threatened to disrupt travel plans during the World Cup.


MOSCOW, Russia - Gunmen shot and killed a deputy prime minister of Georgia's separatist region of South Ossetia, officials said.


KUALA LUMPUR - Malaysian Deputy Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim on Monday accused India and Pakistan of "nuclear adventurism" and said Asia remained mired in poverty despite now having three nuclear powers.