Let a rainbow of colors catch spring breezes with this easy-to-make windsock. You'll need craft foam in light blue and white.

Here's how:For the cylinder of the windsock, loosely roll a 12-by-18-inch sheet of blue craft foam, overlapping it 1/2 inch on the narrow side. Glue together with strong nontoxic craft glue. Let dry.

Meanwhile, draw cloud shapes in various sizes on a sheet of white craft foam, then cut out. Glue the clouds on the outside of the tube. For fun, cut small oval shapes from leftover scraps for raindrops and glue below the clouds.

Punch four holes equidistant from each other at the top of the tube. Loop and knot a 22-inch length of cording or ribbon through one hole, then knot the other end to the hole across from it. Repeat with a second length in the remaining two holes. For a hanger, attach a metal loop onto both lengths of cording and knot in place.

For the tail, tear eight strips of printed or solid fabric into 2-by-39-inch lengths. To create a rainbow effect, choose basic rainbow colors and shades of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. Punch eight holes about 2 inches apart around the bottom of the tube. Slip one end of each strip in each hole and tie a knot.

Fun tip: For a quick reference to the way colors appear in the rainbow, fill a clear drinking glass with water and set on a piece of white paper. The drinking glass should be facing the sun. The portion of the paper behind the glass must be in shadow. As the sun shines through the glass, the light splits into rainbow colors onto the paper.