Q. I have recently started watching "La Femme Nikita" on USA cable, and I absolutely love it. Any plans for a new season? Does the show have a fan mail address? - K.H., Bertram, Texas

A. USA's Sunday night guiltypleasure favorite has been renewed for 1999, but Season 2 isn't over yet. New episodes of the show, starring Australian Peta Wilson, will continue this summer. Season 3 will kick off in early 1999. Meanwhile, the 1991 feature film, on which the series is based, will get a USA airing June 12 and again June 13. Send fan mail c/o USA, 1230 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10020.

Q. My husband and I are in disagreement over the career of Kathy Najimy. I know she was in "Sister Act" and "Veronica's Closet." Was she also in "Hot L Baltimore" from several seasons ago? - K.K.P., Lancaster, N.Y.

A. She's a little young to have been in the 1975 Norman Lear series. Najimy, 41, got her start in the theater. Her two-woman show with Mo Gaffney was a hit on the New York stage, then as an HBO comedy special. Now she stars in two network series, as Kirstie Alley's sidekick Olive on "Veronica's Closet" and as the voice of Peggy on "King of the Hill." And as if that doesn't keep her busy enough, she's in the new Sandra Bullock-Harry Connick Jr. movie "Hope Floats," and, later this year, in "Zack and Reba" with Debbie Reynolds. Najimy lives in New York and Los Angeles with Dan Fin-ner-ty and their baby daughter.

Q. Billy Connolly was wonderful in the English movie "Mrs. Brown." What was the name of the U.S. TV series he was in as a teacher, and when did it run? - S.E. Stockton, Calif.

A. The Scotland-born comic, who also dabbles in acting and banjo playing, joined Head of the Class for the 1990-91 season, replacing Howard Hesseman as the teacher of a class of gifted students. He also starred in the short-lived, self-titled sitcom "Billy" during the 1992-93 season.

Q. Is Ronald Reagan's first wife still living? - H.M., Orlando, Fla.

A. After a long career in the movies and a hit TV series, the Academy Award-winning actress Jane Wyman, 84, keeps a low profile these days. She and the future president, then a B-movie actor, were married from 1940-48. It was his first marriage, her second. Wyman played "Falcon Crest" matriarch Angela Channing in the 1980s.

Q. What happened to the TV show "Players" on NBC? - D.B., Mesa, Ariz.

A. "Players" was yanked again last month after a short return to NBC's Friday night lineup. "Players" may return during the summer to "burn off" any unaired episodes. But don't look for it to return to the network lineup in September - NBC has canceled it.