Let me see now, last week we got to read Ruben Ortega's diatribe about how more day-care centers will solve all juvenile crime problems; this week we are blessed with LaVarr Webb's invective about political parties.

It appears to me that Mr. Webb seems to be more than a little bitter about the Republican Party, whose "far-right, extremist behavior" is, in his opinion, embarrassing the moderate, mainstream Utahns. I would have to ask his definition of "far right." Is it far-right to respect the Constitution? Is it extremism to believe the Ten Commandments are not the 10 suggestions?Is it far-right extremism to believe that principles are important even in politics?

He decries what he calls a "loyalty pledge," which is actually a candidate statement proclaiming support for the Republican Party Platform (with exceptions, if desired). He says the extremists condemned the governor for wanting to keep guns out of state mental hospitals. In fact, I believe, he denied the right of legally mandated concealed-carry permit holders to carry weapons into all government buildings.

What in the world is the significance of "eyeballs spinning counterclockwise"? Mr. Webb liked that term enough to repeat it. Rep. Chris Cannon is in a primary because over a thousand delegates voted for his opponent no matter which way his eyes roll.

What is so great about being a moderate? Give me a man with character and principles any day. If "moderate Republicans and Democrats" have so much in common, then perhaps they should all join the same party - the Democratic. Next time perhaps Mr. Webb could tell us what it is that he stands for, what his principles are, where his "loyalty pledge" would be given and which way his eyeballs rotate.

Robert Wren

Heber City