I am very excited about the Jazz doing so well this season, and I really hope they win the title. I think the Jazz have shown themselves to be true champions in every sense of the word. They have really made their fans proud.

I think as fans, we owe the Jazz the same. I think we should behave as champions ourselves. We should make our team as proud of us as we are of them. When the visiting team comes to Utah, whoever they may be, for the finals, let us not be an embarrassment to our team by treating the visiting team poorly.We should "roll out the red carpet" and make the visiting team feel that we are honored to have them with us. Let us treat them with the utmost courtesy and respect. Even if there are certain team members we do not like very much personally, let us treat the entire team as we would hope our team will be treated when they are away. In fact, chances are, the fans for the other team will likely follow our lead; and how we treat the opponents when they are here may very well be the treatment our team receives when they are the visiting team.

As fans, let's be a class act. Let's show what good sports we can be. Let's make the visiting team enjoy their stay and feel that the Utah fans are the best anywhere.

Rhonda Bullock