We would like to express our public thanks to Franklin Covey Co. for its recent announcement that its new company policy now includes sexual orientation as a classification for which discrimination will not be tolerated.

Our respect for Franklin Covey has increased dramatically by the announcement, and we especially commend Steph-en Covey, Hyrum Smith and Jon Rowberry for such courageous leadership. Our ongratulations to Franklin Covey for joining with other major corporations in recognizing the value, work ethic and moral character of gays and lesbians.It's an interesting phenomenon. Blacks had to rely on government initiatives to make progress in civil rights. Without government and judicial edicts, this country would not have made progress in race relations. It seems to be just the reverse with gays and lesbians. They seem to be making their biggest strides in civil rights through progressive attitudes of major corporations in America while our government leaders continue to block progress.

We find it a bit ironic that Sen. Bob Bennett voted against just such a nondiscrimination policy and that his vote, along with Sen. Orrin Hatch's, caused the legislation to fail 51-49.

Now Bennett's own company has stepped forward as a leader in protecting the rights of employment for gays and lesbians. Hopefully the next time this issue reaches the Senate floor, Senators Bennett and Hatch will provide the swing votes that extend non-discrimination rights to gays and lesbians.

Our hope is that Franklin Covey's leadership will provide the impetus for our governor and legislators, the Salt Lake City Council and various boards of education throughout the state to rethink their positions.

It is morally corrupt to discriminate against and to stigmatize and isolate gays and lesbians, and as a society, individually and collectively, we need to follow Franklin Covey's leadership and make a paradigm shift in our personal attitudes as well as our public policy.

Joe and Sharon Watts