Two small Sevier County communities will finance water and street improvement projects through bonding, and another town is getting a new water well.

Glenwood is planning a project that will upgrade the culinary water system with new water lines and fire hydrants. The town council has decided to issue water revenue bonds of up to $340,000. Proposals have been received for engineering and architectural work to design construction of a number of municipal related projects.Elsinore will issue revenue bonds in the amount of $250,000 to pay a portion of a street improvement project. Some financing for the Center Street Improvement Project will come from the Community Impact Board.

Redmond will drill a new culinary water well, and the town board is studying contract bids. Some financing was obtained through the Board of Water Resources.

Glenwood town clerk Kaye Bybee said that part of that project is being funded through a Department of Housing Community Development Block Grant. The council adopted a resolution on April 8, paving the way to go ahead with the project. Bonds will bear interest not to exceed 4 percent with a 25-year payback period.

Water system improvements will include installation of nearly 18,000 feet of water lines, varying in sizes from six to 12 inches in diameter. A contractor will provide and install 12 lines but will only install 6- and 8-inch lines because the city has purchased pipe for that phase of the project. Roadway restoration and resurfacing will also be necessary.

Bonds to be issued by Elsinore will bear an interest rate not to exceed 5 percent with a 15-year maturity date, according to town clerk Jeane T. Wood. The construction program will result in improvements on Class B and C streets, including South Center Street. Jones & DeMille of Richfield is engineering the project.

Redmond's new culinary water well will be drilled as deep as 200 feet if necessary with a 12-inch casing. Sunrise Engineering of Fillmore is working with community officials on that project.