A Draper woman is one of 57 Americans receiving a wireless Good Samaritan Award this week

Becky Noll, 36, will travel to Washington, D.C., for the Wednesday ceremony where she and the other award winners will be honored by the nonprofit Cellular Telephone Industry Association.The award is given to people who have used cellular technology to save lives.

Noll works at the Domestic Violence Information Line, offering information and referral services to victims of domestic violence and their families.

On weekends, she carries a cellular telephone, sometimes answering as many as 25 calls in two days.

Noll is being honored for her work to help a woman who was fleeing an abusive relationship out of state. The woman called on a Sunday afternoon, strand-ed at a pay phone between Provo and Salt Lake City. Because most shelters don't have a toll-free line, Noll made the calls to find a shelter with an opening and made arrangements for the woman to call the shelter collect.

If Noll hadn't had the cell phone, the woman would have got an answering machine.

The service, often called the domestic violence link line because of its number, 1-800-897-LINK, operates by grant. During the day, staffers answer the phone at a Salt Lake building. At night and on weekends, the cell phone, donated by AT&T Wireless, is used to take calls.

Noll, who earned a degree in victim advocacy from Colorado's Community College of Aurora, said the honor is nice but it's sort of like getting an award for doing her job.

"We get those kinds of calls every day," she said.