A letter requesting aid for LDS Church members in Africa hit Utah mailboxes this week, but officials warn that it is a scam.

According to an advisory released by the Better Business Bureau, the sender claims to belong to an LDS family in Africa persecuted and humiliated because of its beliefs."The religious overtones of this letter are meant to tug at the hearts of Mormons," said Russ Behrmann, president of the Utah Better Business Bureau, in a press release.

But the letter also asks people to fax their bank account numbers to the individual, who promises to "support Mormonism" in Africa while making a profit for participants.

Utahns are strongly advised to disregard the letters, which Behrmann said are "bogus, no matter how many times it mentions God, country and church affiliation."

Behrmann said the letter is similar to another scam letter supposedly benefiting LDS Church members in Nigeria. The Better Business Bureau, U.S. Secret Service and LDS Church are monitoring both situations, which they say are difficult to curtail because of international jurisdiction problems.