And they've graduated into the great, wide open spaces of life.

Mountain View High School's 528 seniors graduated Friday evening at Brigham Young University's Marriott Center."I am confident that in this world of many opportunities, each of us, believing in ourselves, can run toward our own success and failures, where we can find our happiness," said graduation speaker Stephanie Bullock.

Graduation speaker Amanda Thomas compared herself and classmates to chickens strutting around in their beloved coop - Mountain View High. However, she said, the chicken wire was now cut because they graduated.

"We'll find ourselves free, standing at the side of the road, wondering how to, or even if, we should cross," Thomas said.

The point of schooling is not to always be a sure winner or confident, she said.

"We, like chickens, will at some time be caught running around, unsure of the direction we're taking," Thomas said.

The freedom to decide the future and support from others will bring happiness, Thomas said. She said it is impossible to do this without family and friends.

Graduation speaker Tristan Davies read a poem about parents, encouraging graduates to pay tribute to their parents who helped them along the way.

"As you walk across the lighted stage and receive the finely printed page, I ask you to stop and send a smile to those who helped you trudge the mile," Davies said to classmates.

Like Thomas, Bullock also used a comparison to describe the graduates.

She compared them to gazelles and lions in Africa, each having to wake up and begin running to save their lives. She said her classmates would soon run into the great wide open, down separate paths.

"We must always be running toward that goal or idea that we have. But in order to fulfill it we must believe in ourselves," Bullock said.