For Springville High School graduate Megan Hatfield, graduation in the Utah Valley Special Events Center Friday proved not only to be a dramatic moment but a romantic one.

Principal Mike Hicks stood aside briefly during the ceremonies for the Class of 1998 and allowed Kevin Carpenter the opportunity to propose to Hatfield on bended knee.She accepted.

They embraced, and the 425 graduates then marched into their respective futures.

Hicks told them to be kind to other people in their lives, leave room for romance and be grateful for those who've helped them along their way.

"Not a single one of you got here without help," he said. "Be thankful; go home and tell your parents thank you; tell your teachers."

He also lauded the efforts of Wave Miguel who received the first "Friend to Education" award that Springville's administration intends to turn into a tradition in future years.

Hicks said Miguel befriended him on his second day as the new principal at Springville High School and is an example of the good people who help make education work.

Nebo Board of Trustees member Collin Allan said if the graduates make good memories, they'll be like his 99-year-old mother.

"When I asked her what she'd change in her life, she said she wouldn't change very much. That's the challenge: Try and set some goals so that when you're 99 and only have the memories left, they're good ones."

Student speaker Ryan Vogel said the Class of 1998 is unlike any other before it. He listed the honors the class teams and organizations have earned, saying everything that was achieved is the direct result of hard work and determination.

"As we graduate, we embark on a path without limits," he said. "We're free to fail or succeed. Those who succeed will be those who get up after they fall."

Camilla Boyer, one of the Class of 1998's 10 valedictorians, used the example of Abraham Lincoln's persistence to make her point.

"Our class may hold a future president or a Mozart," she said. "We stand on the edge, and this is the final push. We can achieve and soar with the eagles."

Jonathan Barney, another valedictorian, said this class is going to take over the world.

"We are the future but we must not think education stops with this piece of paper, this diploma," he said.