Take the traditional pomp and circumstance, toss in some Dr. Seuss, classic rock 'n' roll and a Bible passage and you'll have the Alpine Summit Program's commencement exercises and awards ceremony.

Ten students graduated Thursday night from the Alpine School District's alternative high school. Each graduate also received a copy of Dr. Seuss' "Oh, The Places You'll Go" along with the diplomas.Though perhaps not as eloquently as peers in regular high schools, Summit students delivered graduation speeches straight from the heart. There's a story behind each teen's arrival in the program.

Graduate Josh Archuleta paid tribute to mothers and fathers, singling out two sets of foster parents that particularly helped him. He said parents are "protectors and guardians" who provide discipline, correction, training and love, noting the latter "brought hope and life to me which I think is what parenting is all about."

And though perhaps not as refined as a high school madrigal group, the Summit faculty put its all into a rendition of the 1960s song "Turn, Turn, Turn." The song puts to music the words found in Ecclesiastes 3:1-8, which begins "To everything there is a season." The verse served as Summit's graduation theme.

Hector Rodriguez told fellow students that knowledge and wisdom will carry them forward. "I remember how high I felt when I finished my first book," he said.

Teacher Sally Hall said teachers helped students build a foundation for the future but that the rest is up to them. "You are the architect of your life. Now is the time to start building. I hope you all build skyscrapers," she said.

Graduates are Archuleta, Nate Coleman, Tracie Desmond, Jeff Durand, Dennille Foerster, Marc Green, Paul Harrigan, Michelle Kooyman, David Myrkalo and Lyle Pedlar.