It is doubtful that teenager Matt Sederberg of Orem could be an "avid Jazz fan" since not enough can be written of the great Utah Jazz who are on their way to the NBA Finals for the second time. The story of the success of our team with its best season record and its series wins cannot be overdone for this avid Jazz fan and many thousands of us to run to meet the paper boy every day to read the timely, exciting and entertaining coverage of the Jazz victories this year. Yes, these games and these wins by our hometown team is "big news" and, I know that I am not alone in my interest in the team both on and off the court as they make their way to the NBA Finals for the second year in a row and play better basketball than any other team this season and continue to break their own records.

Frankly, it must be my veteran status as old senior citizen vs. the teenage youngster, but the coverage of this Western Conference as well as the regular Jazz season this year cannot be "overcovered" for me. I have greatly enjoyed the entire coverage along with the so-called "trash talk" that paints the columns with what really goes on inside and outside of the court.I would like to congratulate the writers who have covered the news of our Jazz and look forward to an entire section if the Jazz beat the Bulls in the Finals, which just might happen this year, with all the "trash talk" of the coaches and players that will tell the entire story of the playoffs, not just the statistics. And as for next year, I will cancel my subscription to the Deseret News if they don't continue to cover the Jazz as they have this year next year when we take the championship for the second time.

Audrey Goates DeYoung

Salt Lake City