Letitia Baldrige on whistling at work:

"Nothing gets on other people's nerves at the office more than a whistler. And the sad part is, these whistlers don't know they're doing it. Someone should, tactfully, tell the whistler how much it disrupts the office environment."

On blue jeans:

"Jeans of any sort should not be worn in nice restaurants. They pollute the landscape. They should also not be worn in the workplace if no other workers wear them. However, if your office is casual, go for it. Jeans should never be worn to someone's home if you are having dinner there."

On baseball caps:

"It's like they have become part of some people's skin. People wear them in fine restaurants, in church and unfortunately in people's homes, which is very inappropriate and insulting. "

On making phone calls in the evening:

"If you're calling on business, don't. If you're making a social call, don't call past 8 p.m. The evening is a time when people need a respite from their work - a time to unwind, uninterrupted. It's usually divorced or single people who don't have families that call. This is rude."