Talk about close: Two sisters took sibling rivalry to another level this week, giving birth 20 minutes apart in adjoining rooms at the hospital.

Lisa Morton, of Barrie, Ontario, and Kelly Parker, of Alcona, Ontario, both had healthy daughters Wednesday. "We didn't exactly plan it this way," said Kelly, still recuperating in a hospital room that she is sharing with her sister. "We were three weeks apart, but it sort of worked out this way."The 29-year-old mom was due to give birth to her second child about 10 days ago. She went into labor at home late Tuesday and arrived at the hospital around 12:30 a.m., about five hours after her 27-year-old sister Lisa had been brought in to deliver her first baby, 10 days ahead of schedule.

Kelly gave birth to nine-pound, five-ounce Stephanie at 1:57 a.m. Lisa's daughter Jordan arrived about 20 minutes later - healthy and happy at seven pounds, 10 ounces.



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