Deviate: to differ as in thought or belief. (Webster's Dictionary and Thesaurus - those of you who doubt our reference skills, doubt no more!)

DV8. No, not Club Deviate, but DV8 as in two letters and one number. The irony is that DV8 doesn't. Well, OK. The cover charge strays into the upper stratosphere in comparison with other clubs, but DV8's owners probably justify this by the larger size of the club or the fact that they have the capacity for all-ages shows.OK, OK. So maybe it does kind of diverge from other clubs. It's the only club in Salt Lake to our knowledge that has a basement dungeon for the likes of lesser-known bands. Have you ever been to either a second-rate theater or a bad haunted house? You know - the thick black paint that covers the walls and makes you feel like the place is made out of cardboard? Well, kiddies, welcome to DV8. Unfortunately, those little open carriages that carry you from place to place are unavailable.

Have we given the impression that we don't like DV8? Not true. It's actually a great place to see smaller national acts such as the Samples and Lisa Loeb in an intimate setting. And for those over 21, DV8 gives a great sense of superiority by using the balcony as a haven for those of age. And what's more, stage visibility is excellent throughout the club.

Last Thursday, we had the opportunity to see a great all-ages show at DV8. A swing show. Yeah, yeah, swing is back, you've all heard about it, yadda, yadda, yadda. . . . However, this show was swing with an edge, if you will. A local band, Moxie Tonic, opened up, with My Superhero and, our personal favorite swing band, the Cherry Poppin' Daddies, headlining.

Ahem. Just a little aside at this point in our article. The two of us met at a Daddies show last summer. And from those small beginnings was born this column.

We were hungry and we missed My Superhero. No further comment as far as they are concerned. We'll catch them next time. Moxie Tonic, however, is quickly making a name for itself as Salt Lake's best swing show, despite only being around for a few months. Complete with an attitude a mile wide, one might even say Moxie Tonic indulges in performance art, wearing costumes and touting its act as the "Moxie Tonic Medicine Show." A cure for all ills.

If our review seems a tad sour, it's not. We truly enjoyed this jump-swing group. Moxie Tonic proved to be a good time all around. Our headaches had left the building by the end of the show.

Even though Moxie Tonic holds its own as a local swing act, it was blown out of the water by the Daddies, which is, in our opinion, the best swing band in the nation. For those who are nostalgic for good voices and musicianship, the Daddies are the perfect incarnation. Each member is a great musician, dancer, singer and showman. Mr. Sinatra would be proud. We truly believe that anyone of age could enjoy their music. If you're looking for a good show to take your parents to, this is the one.

We can't say enough good about the Cherry Poppin' Daddies. Their music is as close to truly universal as we have discovered. Their album "Zoot Suit Riot" is a chef- d'oeuvre of the highest quality. In fact, it's frustrating to try to illuminate their performance in words because it truly speaks for itself. We implore you to check these guys out!