I think that Patricia B. Grey misses the mark in her letter printed May 11. In that letter, she states that pay equity is "hostile to families" because "a woman who would like to . . . stay at home and raise a family on her husband's income would be in an even worse situation (than a single mother), trying to stretch $1 to match her

two-income familyT neighbor's $2." Her arguments are not only incorrect, they are irrelevant.

Pay equity means that, given the same experience, education and job performance, two people should be paid the same amount. This should be true regardless of gender, race, religious affiliation, marital status, etc. Equity does not mean that all households bring in the same income. The idea of "matching" our neighbor's income is absurd.I am a stay-at-home mom. I choose to "stretch my husband's $1." To me the benefits are worth it. But the bottom line is, if a woman doesn't have that choice, or if she chooses otherwise, it is only fair that she be paid the same amount as her male counterparts. Anything else would truly be "hostile."

Jennifer F. Williams

West Valley City